Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can you count to 12?

Polydactylism is the medical term for extra fingers or toes or sometimes both. It is a rare condition, but in the case of Le Yati Min it is rare to the extreme. The 16 month old girl from Myanmar has 12 fingers and 14 toes, all of which are functional. Should this be ratified, then she will become the Guinness World Record holder for most extra digits.
Le Yati Min - speed texter
With 12 fingers I can text faster than you can
Some parents opt for their child to undergo surgical removal of the superfluous phalanges to avoid social stigma in later life, even though there is no physical harm in leaving the extra extremities in place.

Bishop 341-B shows off his skills with a knife
Pruning fingers the 'Bishop 341-B' way
There are obvious disadvantages to having an extra finger, such as the expense of custom made gloves, however, this is more than compensated by the fact you can do THIS...
Forget You x 2 / Doubly Satisfying
Forget You x 2
Doubly Satisfying


nothingprofound said...

If she ever decides to become a gymnast those extra four toes would come in mighty handy on the balance beam.

Ian C - My Twist News said...

It is my understanding that the extra fingers do in fact increase her grip strength, so maybe a gymnastic career could be on the cards.

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