Sunday, September 26, 2010

WTF? - Lindsay Lohan is out again

A Los Angeles judge has ordered a revolving door be added to the county penitentiary where Lindsay Lohan spends a portion of her not so free time. Her in again, out again affair with prison has taken another twist this last Friday when the 'Parent Trap' star was sentenced to 1 month behind bars without bail after failing a drug test.

LiLo in 15 years time? (

How could she fail? Hasn't she taken enough drugs to be top of the class?

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley filed an appeal just hours later, the ruling was amended and bail was granted at $300,000. One condition of the bail is that Lindsay must wear an unfashionable GPS ankle alcohol monitor and a sweaty grey T-shirt and cut-off jean shorts. She must also stay away from any establishment that sells liquor.

The former child star has been riding the downward spiral for some time, living the high life and crashing cars. Drinking, doing drugs and faking lesbianism. She has also been accused of undergoing breast augmentation surgery and cheating at Monopoly by buying her way out of jail. Somebody even claimed that her famous freckles were painted on.

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