Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UN appoint alien ambassador

The United Nations will announce Malaysian astrophysicist, Dr Mazlan Othman as head of the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA). The position is being commonly referred to as Alien Ambassador.

She describes her most important function as  “co-ordinating humanity’s response to any first contact”. A dangerous role based on Hollywood's viewpoint (Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks).
Dr Othman - Take me to your leader
58-year-old Othman has led a trailblazing career as the first woman ever to be awarded a physics doctorate from New Zealand’s University of Otago. She also headed Malaysia's space programme and helped train the country's first astronaut.

She is said to be against Stephen Hawking's hardline approach of treating alien visitors with suspicion, in favor of a more tolerant approach. Last April Stephen Hawking warned that any aliens scoping out our planet would most likely be looking to rape and pillage rather than make interstellar friends and we should avoid them at all costs.

Meanwhile the American Committee for Extraterrestrial Defense are sitting on the fence - literally - they want to construct a giant fence to keep the aliens out.

On a personal note, I agree with Stephen Hawking on this one. Anyone travelling light years across the universe without an invite has more than friendship on their mind, and I vote that the UN should appoint Ellen Ripley as head of OOSA.

Ellen Ripley - My Vote for head of OOSA

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Hank said...

lol, nice take on the whole thing.

Hate to play "Alien Advocate", but did we go to the moon with the thought of wiping out any thing we might find there? Or is NASA planning the Mars Mission(which will no doubt be cancelled, thank you Obama) and also testing weapons in case we need to wage war on the life we may find there?

Just saying, not sure that is the correct thought. Even if my resume would fit into a period on Hawking's vast resume.

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