Monday, September 13, 2010

NFL Mascot eats cheerleader

The Tennessee Titans cheer squad are having a tough time of it since last season's mascot quit and ran off with the costume only hours before the big opening game against the Oakland Raiders. They had to find both a replacement person and replacement costume. Sorry, but it is just a person in a costume and so is Santa, kids!

The Titans mascot is a raccoon called T-Rac (since the raccoon is the Tennessee State animal) who used to look like this:
T-Rac before he quit the Titans
But since he absconded with the chariot and the costume, T-Rac 2.0 looks like this

I guess he got fat from eating cheerleaders (if that's true then how does the QB stay so trim?)

We have been assured that she came out pretty much unscathed. Although we understand that T-Rac 2.0 has been put down due to concerns about rabies.

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