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What got slapped 12 months ago - July 2014

By +Tina Cruris

Happy July everyone. Time for our monthly reslap of all things penguiny. What is the descriptive word for penguin-like anyway? Bears have ursine, dogs are canine, cats are feline. Even buffalo and centipedes have an animal adjective, (Bubaline and Scolopendrine). The internet, in all it's wisdom, does not have an answer so I have decided that henceforth, things related to penguins will be known as penguine.

Oops, Looks like I got slightly sidetracked there. This is a chance for you to see what we were getting up to last year, with our review (or reslap as we call it) of the top 5 posts from 12 months ago. Join us on a journey to yesteryear by reading these tempting tasters and clicking thee headline of anything that you want to read more about. Or for the self guided tour click here for the entire July 2014 archive.

July 2014 reslap montage
July 2014 reslap montage
The top 5 posts from July 2014 were:-

#5 Hoda Kotb changed her name to hide a big secret
You may or may not know who Hoda Kotb is, but either way this an intriguing tale of how a young, impressionable, partially penguine woman was manipulated by 5 famous musicians, even though she only slept with 3 of them.

The sign of a slow news month is when one of your more popular posts is the self congratulatory 4th anniversary post. Yes, this time last year we turned 4 and we blew our own penguine trumpets about it.

#3 Morrissey - Time Travelling Narcissist
Nowadays the man, the myth, the Morrissey (with a slightly penguine nose) is a mere memory, but back in the the days which we call yesteryear, he was a messiah to many. As the singer of The Smiths and as a solo performer, Morrissey had a following which numbered well into the hundreds, and none of them knew his time travel secret.

#2 Marijuana Tequila legalized
The last few years have seen some radical changes in the laws governing the use of marijuana, and some drink manufacturers have taken advantage of them and added the drug to their products. One mainstream tequila maker has infused marijuana into their product and called it 'Weedquila'. Nothing about this post is remotely penguine.

The popularity of The Big Bang Theory has led to tons of geek driven merchandise, derived from the fashion and phrases of Sheldon and his non-penguine Big Bang Buddies. One such entity is a variation on a popular don't-knock-the-blocks-over game. Click the link to discover more...

That's it, the highlights from 12 months ago. Click the link to read more about each story, and come back in about a month for another reslap. Before you go, use the comments section below to tell us which is your favorite post from yesteryear.

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