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What got slapped 12 months ago - January 2014

By +Tina Cruris

A new year is here and so is another reslap, where we rediscover what was happening this time last year. Remember the good old days when we were much funnier? If not, then this is the perfect chance to find out how things used to be.

Some of you are seasoned veterans and know how this works, but for everyone else, here is how things work. Below are the top 5 posts from 1 year ago with links in the titles, so that you can scoot off and enjoy what we were enjoying back then. If you like what you see then you can use the archive directory in the right hand side bar to navigate your way around the rest of the month or anytime in STP history, or click here for a preview of the whole month.
Reslap: The top 5 posts from 12 months ago
12 months ago
#5 Top Ten Superheroes
Brad introduced his complex theory about how to determine who the top 10 super heroes were and whether Batman had a chance to defeat Superman in the upcoming movie(s) Batman vs Superman. The results will definitely surprise you, if you can stay awake long enough.

Alexa dug deep into Meatloaf's history in order to discover what it was that Meatloaf wouldn't do for love. Mr Loaf is a big, sweaty depraved monster who would do anything to anything, but there is one thing that he refused to do for love. Whether he would do it for money is another matter. Click the header if you are brave or inquisitive enough to find out.

Frank Oz is one of the most recognizable people in movies and television, but not many people know what he looks like, His voice is his passport verify him whether it is as any one of a number of Muppets or as Yoda from the Star Wars franchise. Find out more by clicking the link.

This post was pretty unique since it was an entry for our Guest Post Contest in 2014 by the eventual winner, Sue Casa, who is now a part time writer for STP. The Olympics are big news across the entire globe, with pretty much every country sending at least one athlete to compete in a sporting event. The Winter Olympics are not such a big deal because it excludes a lot of warmer countries who have no concept of how to compete on snow or ice. The Special Winter Olympics rank lower than many international events because of a severe lack of interest. Sue attempted to change that by highlighting some of the stars and their events.

The top post from January 2014 was the Pretty in Pink retrospective, Where are they now? For anybody younger than 30, Pretty in Pink was a movie from the pen of John Hughes, who was known for writing movies about the troubles of teens, as well as being responsible for Home Alone, the Beethoven movies (dog not composer) and creating the Griswolds (from the vacation movies).

So, those are the top 5 posts from January 2014. There were many other great posts which I can't be bothered to list here, so check out the archives and let us know which ones were your favorites.

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