Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Naked woman rescued from ex-boyfriend's chimney

By +Ian C

23 Firefighters rescued an unnamed 35 year old woman from a chimney in her ex-boyfriend's home in Woodcrest, California. What would have been a simple 4 man extraction operation quickly became a task for 3 engines, 2 trucks and a couple of off duty firefighters who lived nearby, after they discovered she was naked.

Naked woman stuck in chimney
"Just a few more hours ma'am, and we'll have you out"
Tony Hernandez was woken in his home by a muffled screaming at around 5 a.m. and after discovering what was had happened, tried to pull her out with an extension cord. He gave up and called 911 telling them, “I tried to get her out, but it was too hard”.

The unidentified female told officials that she wanted to visit Tony and his 3 kids early Saturday morning, but when she got there, the front door was locked. It was then she had the bright idea of climbing onto the roof, taking all of her clothes off and sliding down the chimney.

The Riverside County Fire Department took just 2 hours to remove the woman from the fireplace, brick by brick, before she was taken to hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

Hernandez told CBS Los Angeles during his 15 minutes of fame, that the woman is not allowed around his kids. And we can see why. Who would want a female Santa Strip-o-gram hanging around their children?

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