Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear shoot

By +Tina Cruris

You may have noticed recently that there is some fuss about Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein underwear shoot, with suggestions that he was made to look more 'manly' with the aid of digital photographic retouching or 'photoshopping'.

Bieber's Calkin Klein Comparison
Left: the altered image. Right: what the camera saw
The unedited version of the image surfaced and instantly went viral as people retweeted the picture around the interwebs, mocking the sad little child. Looking the the image above, you can see that Bieber's biceps, boobs, back, buttocks and boy bulge have all been enhanced. His hands have been enlarged and his head size reduced to complete the con.

Bieber actually has a pretty decent looking body as long as you can see beyond the hideous tattoos and avoid looking at the gormless face, so whose idea was it to airbrush his junk so that his image measured up to previous CK underwear models?

There were other photos taken in the same session but nobody is following up on any of those. My favorite of those other pictures is this one, which doesn't appear to have been modified.

What does it say on the waistband?
No photoshop here, honestly
Now it's over to our celebrity correspondent to get his professional opinion on this vitally important news topic. Honey Badger, what are your thoughts on the Bieber CK underwear debacle?

Honey Badger on Justin Bieber
Honey Badger don't care. He don't give a shit
Your turn, what do you think?

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