Friday, January 30, 2015

Are you still proud to be 'Murcan?

By +Sue Casa

"Proud to be a 'murcan" is a phrase much overused by rednecks who yearn for the good ol' days when everything was made in 'murca. Sadly, for the southerners, everything is made in Asia; tools, cars, rocking chairs, porch swings and transistor radios. The only thing that is still made in 'murca is firearms, which is why every redneck is proud to own a gun.

Proud to be 'murcan
Murca- Hell Yeah
As a Brit, I know all about national pride. We used to own two thirds of the globe just a few short centuries ago, and then gave it back.

Also as a Brit we find it amusing that that 'Murcan sounds so much like merkin, which is a pubic wig. The merkin was often donned by prostitutes who shaved their pubic region to avoid the transmission of pubic lice, but still needed to cover up the tell tale signs of syphilis.

Proud to be a merkin
...where at least I know I'm free
In more recent times, merkins are used as decorative and erotic pieces for both men and women. They are also used in Hollywood as wardrobe items in movies to recreate an authentic look for historical accuracy, or to achieve a lower MPAA rating by hiding the female genitalia behind a kitty rug.

Are you still proud to be 'Murcan? Share or rant in the comments section below.

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