Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrity Busking (panhandling) - Susan Boyle

By +Sue Casa

Sorry for the transatlantic translation; you say tomato, I say tomato. You say moscato, I say yes please. Anyway, you get the idea these celebs are are playing music in the streets, begging for money.

Susan Boyle was discovered in 2009 on 'Britain's Got Talent' as she wowed Simon Cowell and the world with her rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream'. She took the nation and the charts by storm with her first 3 albums going to #1 here in the UK, before the novelty wore of and people got bored of her.

Susan Boyle - Lady in Red
Susan Boyle

By 2012 her albums were barely charting and her latest release barely sold 80,000 copies worldwide leaving a huge hole in her income. At her age Susan is finding it difficult to get a job to cover her lifestyle so she took her talents to the streets of Scotland to earn some cash.

Susan Boyle - living the dream
Susan Boyle - living the dream
How many Susan Boyle CD's do you have? What's your favorite Susan Boyle song? Please share.

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