Friday, November 21, 2014

Slap the Penguin goes bilingual

By +Ian C

I am very pleased to announce that the popular satirical news blog, Slap the Penguin (STP) is going bilingual. Our new writer, +Sue Casa, lives in the UK and will be contributing satirical news from her part of the world, in her own language.

Probability map of where Sue lives
Probability map of where Sue Casa lives
Sue's first post should be coming later today, thanks to time zones and other science stuff she can't make the usual deadlines that the rest of the writers are required to and so she will be publishing late (or early depending on where you live). 

I am sure all of our non-American readers will enjoy reading the news from a different perspective and hopefully the language barrier won't be a real barrier, even though it's not really a real barrier since it's just a metaphorical barrier, but either way we hope it won't bar your enjoyment.

You can read a little about Sue here.
Please leave any words of encouragement for our new writer in the comments section below.

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