Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sacha Baron Cohen in Mork and Mindy movie

By +Tina Cruris

After dropping out of the Freddie Mercury biopic due to disagreements with the remaining Queen band members (who believed he was too funny), Sacha Baron Cohen went on the hunt for a new role to inject his comedy gene into. The idea to play Ali G playing Mork suddenly jumped into his head and who better to play Mindy than his wife, Isla Fisher.

Ali G and Isla F in Mork & Mindy
Iz it coz I'z Orkan?
Mork and Mindy was a US comedy series which ran on ABC from 1978 to 1982 with a total of 91 episodes spanning 4 seasons. M&M was a tale of an alien who was sent to Earth to learn more about how humans functioned and interacted with each other, and it helped launch the comedy career of Robin Williams who was struggling to make ends meet doing stand up in San Francisco.

We asked Sacha how he felt, stepping into the shoes of one of comedy's brightest stars. "It is an honor to share a role with one of the greatest comedians of many generations. Robin has made millions laugh and smile, as well as shed a few tears across his TV and movie roles. This is the reason that I have to take my Mork in a different direction. I can't compete with anything that he has already done as Mork, and to try would disrespect his memory. I know that I am going to upset some people by taking on this role, and that is why I am playing Ali G, playing Mork."

He then switched to the Ali G character and said, "I haz big respec' for Robin Williams, innit. I liked his music after he left Take That n'all, but I din't know he waz a comedian too, yo." (back to Sacha) "Besides, the childlike/ignorant way that Ali G sees the world is similar to that of an alien discovering our planet for the first time, and trying to understand the people who inhabit it. Even when I was developing Ali G as a character I had a feeling that he was from a different planet."

The Mork and Mindy movie is planned for a late 2016 release since both Sacha and Isla are tied up with their current movie project, "Grimsby" a comedy spy movie with a soccer hooligan element.

If any of these celebs are reading this and are desperate....
If any of these celebrities are reading this...
Sadly, Isla Fisher wasn't available for interview, especially since she found out that she was on Ian C.'s Freebie List, and only made 3rd place.

In preparation for the forthcoming movie, the last words go to the new Mork, courtesy of Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G. "Nanu Nanu, Shatspot. Staines Massive. Orkans in da house, yo"

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