Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Caption Contest

Happy 2014 to all our readers. Welcome to the first Caption Contest of the new year. Later in this post I will be revealing the winner of the December 2013 contest, but first lets get the new contest under way.

Veteran captioners will know how this works, new visitors will pick up the concept quickly. Simply send us a caption for the following image either using the COMMENTS, through our FACEBOOK PAGE or via EMAIL. Make sure you get it to us before the end of the month, contest closes midnight STP time on January 31st.

Ready, Set, CAPTION...

Slap the Penguin Caption Contest
"I'm giving it all she's got, Caption"
There it is, get your caption in before someone beats you to it. Need inspiration? Take a peek at last month's winner.

Last month's winner
"I knew that all milk diet was a bad idea"
Congratulations to Sue Casa who barely beat a couple of great entries to the finish line. You can see all the entries by clicking HERE and scrolling down to the comments section


Barbara Doorish said...

anything you can do... I can do better ...

Debbie Lang said...

They were kungfu fighting....

Shep Pe Pe Sheppard said...

And stand on your knees
Stand on your hands
And then freeze!


McHammer said...


Hammer Time

Jean Poole said...

Earthquake rocks Asian soccer cup

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