Sunday, August 12, 2012

8 Bit News - Literal Flash Mob

Welcome back to another 8-Bit News post, where we can focus on the story without being distracted by glossy graphics and shiny images. This week we make fun of Australian people and their willingness to take things literally.

A group of Australian students stunned travellers at the Sydney train station with a suprise flash mob performance. However, this was not a typical flash mob, these Aussies took the term quite literally and stripped off before performing their dance.
Pixelated image of a naked group in an Australian train station
8-Bit News - Literal Flash Mob
The performers were all dance students from the University of Sydney, and had been planning this routine for months, under the leadership of Victoria Belle.
In a phone interview with Miss Belle, she told us "We heard that flash mobs were all the rage in the US and wanted to show that Australians could do it just as well. Maybe we should have done more research about the 'flash' aspect of a flash mob. We are proud of our bodies and do not regret the nude aspect of our dance, in fact we welcome the extra attention that the oversight has brought us."

The entire 33 person flash mob was arrested and later released on condition that they do not do this kind of thing again.

New South Wales Police Force released the following statement:
"An undisclosed number of persons were arrested for indecent exposure today on the main concourse of Sydney Train Station. The so-called 'flash mob' spontaneously disrobed and began to dance. We received numerous emergency calls from concerned citizens reporting the dancers.

We have conditionally released every member of the mob on the condition that they refrain from future pubic nudity."

We certainly have not seen any literal flash mobs here on this side of the Pacific, but I am sure that the trend may catch on briefly, like planking, Tebowing and that other fad which has already been forgotten.



Roger T. said...

Sir. I must point out your typographical error in the quote from the police. You failed to include the L in public, and hence discussed "pubic nudity".
Why don't people check spelling and grammar any more?

Alexa Rankin - Slap the Penguin said...

Thanks for your comments, Roger. You certainly have a keen eye and obviously nothing better to do.
The wording is accurate as transcribed from the original NSWPF statement. We found it amusing so we left it as it was, for the enjoyment of others.

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