Monday, June 11, 2012

Penguins are sexually deviant

When we changed our name to Slap the Penguin, we did not know that George Murray Levick, a biologist who accompanied Robert Scott on his Terra Nova Antarctica Trip had recorded perverted sexual behaviour amongst the Adelie penguins.

Perverted Penguins
The Antarctic excursion took place back in 1910 before sex in the human world was mainstreamed. Levick considered the things that he saw to be too extreme to report to the general public, so he wrote his notes in Greek and distributed them to just a few specially selected colleagues.

His observations were recently uncovered and were found to include examples of penguins prostituting themselves in return for pebbles and other nest building materials. Sadomasochism was prevalent and even some group sex. The most shocking thing that Levick recorded was the apparent necrophilia that goes on at the South Pole. Penguins were observed having sex with dead penguins, and if that wasn't bad enough, they were not freshly dead and still barely warm. Some of them had died weeks and even months previously.

Penguin Sex (with a live penguin)
Modern biologists have dismissed the necrophilia suggestion, stating that a face down dead penguin strongly resembles a live penguin adopting the mating position, and since penguins are horny little creatures, they rarely turn down an opportunity for getting their little peckers wet.

The full 'encoded' text of George Levick's finding has now been translated and published, a little over 100 years since he first recorded his sightings. The book is expected to become a worldwide best seller, and you can buy your copy here.

50 Shades of Grey - a book about penguin perversion



Janene said...

I'll I can say is 'Ew,' though I love the book cover. It made me giggle!

Anonymous said...

I have read some of your stories on here. It sounds like you are deviant

Ian C - Slap The Penguin said...

Thanks for your 'Ew', Janene. Makes us feel like we are doing our job to evoke a response like that.

As for anonymous, we report on the stories which we feel are important to our readers, and if most of our readers are perverts ( then we will pitch our site accordingly

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