Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tiger Woods and the Navy Seals

There is a rumour floating around in the interwebs that Tiger Woods contemplated trying out for the Navy Seals during the lowest point in his golfing career. 
300 yards to the target; wind left to right; I think I will use the .50 cal
Tiger's new golf cart sponsored by Humvee

Although the US Navy Seals have neither confirmed or denied that there were discussions between the two parties, Tiger has absolutely denied that he was seeking to become a Seal.

There is a suggestion that the Seals approached Tiger to join because of his athletic prowess and sporting experience. He would have been a great asset representing the Seals at the Special Forces Olympics in London 2012.

A Leopard Seal, the closest thing we could find to a Tiger Seal
There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Tiger has any plans to  quit golf and become a special forces operative. Especially considering that seals and clubs don't co-exist successfully.

Seals and clubs don't co-exist: Exhibit A


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