Monday, March 12, 2012

Dog craps out on Crufts obstacle course

The Americans have the Westminster Dog Show, the Brits have Crufts, and one of the favorite events at both of these spectacles is the doggie obstacle course. A series of canvas tunnels, jumps, teeter-totters and those wiggle-in-and-out-stick things stand between the dogs and the finish line.

The Crufts Champion's cup and Buffy, the dog they use to polish it
This year some of the dogs almost had to deal with an extra obstacle on the course, thanks to Pepper the Spaniel. Just before going through the weave, Pepper felt the need to lighten the load. The rules about defecating on the course are long established and very clear, and so Pepper was instantly disqualified.

Owner Libby looks on as Pepper answers nature's call
The crowd and even some of the judges were amused by this rare occurrence, as mix of 'Ooohs' and laughter were heard, until the MC announced that Pepper was disqualified, and the 'Ooohs' turned to 'Aaahs'.

A red shirted marshal picked up a tissue and ran out to the site of the incident and proceeded to hand it to Pepper's owner, Libby, for her to pick up the mess. Then the pair hustled out of the arena with no doubt that Pepper was to spend the night in the doghouse.


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