Monday, June 20, 2011

Wimbledon Chiefs pull 2010 stunt again

Last July we revealed that the Executives at Wimbledon planned and executed a marathon match in an attempt to steal viewers from the Soccer World Cup [story] and it appears that they are doing the same thing this year, placing John Isner and Nicolas Mahut head to head in a first round matchup.
Isner and Mahut after 11 hours of tennis
I can't do this again, my body hates me
"It is entirely coincidental that both players were drawn in the same match", said Wimbledon spokesperson Annette Cord. "The drawing is conducted randomly by a third party who has no idea of the identities of the corresponding players."

It is unlikely that the match will last as long as the one in 2010, but the fact that the 2 players from that 11 hour ordeal will be going head to head again will certainly draw some viewers. Also the likelihood of the game being played on Court 18 as it was last year is also high, considering both players world rankings.

This year, however long the match lasts, Nicolas Mahut wants revenge for the most viewed defeat in tennis history. Find out who wins on Tuesday (unless the match lasts 3 days again) in which case it will be Thursday.

How is this for a winning streak, Krajicek?
If tennis history does repeat then I vote for this
Personally I am hoping we get a repeat of 2009 when a female streaker ran across center court during the men's final.

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Rini Luyks said...

The streaking scene was in the final between Krajicek and Washington in 1996, not 2009.

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