Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ohio woman angry over mistyped recipe

An Ohio woman is angry at her neighbor over a badly typed recipe. Martha Smith of Bay Village, OH, kindly obliged when her longtime neighbor, Maria Corona, asked to use her famous barbecued ribs recipe.

A Typewriter
An old style typewriter similar to that used by Martha Smith
Mrs Smith, 58, presented Miss Corona, 34, with a crumpled and disheveled slip of paper with the recipe typed on it. "I have never had a computer, I have always used my typewriter", Mrs Smith told us. "It was a 21st birthday gift from my late husband, Stanley."

Miss Corona's complaint suggests that Mrs Smith's antique typewriter does not type clearly and the letter 'e' looks like the letter 'o' and as a result she added mosquito to the barbecue sauce and not mesquite as the recipe stated.

"I did think it odd that someone would add mosquito to a barbecue sauce, but that is what the recipe said," stated Mrs Corona. "I have been cooking for many years and one important thing I have learned is to follow the recipe to the letter. Unfortunately, in this case, the letter was wrong."

Miss Corona showed us the recipe so we could see the badly typed instructions. We respected Mrs Smith's request to obscure the other ingredients and details since she did not want the recipe to be leaked.

Mosquito or Mesquite? You decide
You decide - mosquito or mesquite?
"The sauce tasted awful and I had to throw away 3 lbs of ribs thanks to her recipe." said Miss Corona, who is contemplating taking legal action. "My kids went hungry that evening and now have a fear of flying insects."

"Why would anyone put mosquito in a barbecue sauce?" was Mrs Smith's response. "Common sense should have prevailed."

Mrs Smith has a very valid point. How long would it take to gather 3 ounces of mosquito anyway? I don't think they sell it at the grocery store.

While we are on the topic of strange ingredients and wacky recipes, what is the weirdest thing you have put in your mouth?

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