Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV = Moronic Twilight Vampire

Robert Pattinson showed of his lack of talent, comedic timing and discretion at the MTV awards last night. Pattinson, 25, was delivering a summary of his work with Reese Witherspoon when he F-bombed the already risque ceremony.
Robert Pattinson is an anagram of Arsehead Penis
Robert, you're not sparkling and you look gormless

He was describing how Reese played his mother in the 2004 movie, Vanity Fair and then said, "Seven years later we worked together on a movie called 'Water for Elephants' and you played my mother...I didn't cut you out, but I did fu©k you."

This was an obvious ad-lib since the censors were not quick enough to bleep it out and everyone on stage, including the foul mouthed Chelsea Handler, were visibly shocked by his comment.

Consummate professional, Reese Witherspoon, played down the slip with a one-liner of her own that previously snoozing censors caught in time. They bleeped the Legally Blonde star call Robert Pattinson a Mother Fu©ker, in reference to his earlier faux pas.

It was definitely an off-night for good guy Robert who seems to enjoy playing bad boy. Earlier he refused to kiss Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart after they won the award for best on screen kiss. Instead he opted to make more headlines by cavorting into the crowd, picking out his other Twilight co-star, Taylor Lautner, and firmly plant a big smooch on him.

Robert Pattinson jumps (an underage) Taylor Lautner
Robert and Taylor share an intimate moment

Mr Pattinson needs to grow up and realise that starring in a couple of blockbuster movies (made blockbusters only by hormonally charged teens and moms) does not make you the center of the movie universe.

Do you think that he stepped outside the decency boundary? Do you find Robert Pattinson attractive? Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?


JaneneMurphy said...

My reaction to Pattison's behavior is mixed. He seemed like a kid (not a grown up, a kid) who was just having a lot of fun. That thing with Lautner? Very funny. That thing with Witherspoon? My guess is the producers won't ask Pattision to 'ad lib' anytime soon. All in all, silly behavior but I'll forgive him.

Anonymous said...

Team Jacob all the way. Edward is a pansy. I mean, what are you talking about? Only teenie-boppers watch that crap.

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