Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bubes versus TMIMITW

The old guy from the Dos Equis commercial has sent an email to our very on Bubes saying “Nut Up or Shut Up”. It is no secret that ex-international playboy and super-crooner Michael Bublé has been doing some pretty interesting things, and has alluded that the title of TMIMITW should be his.
TMIMITW Dos Equis Dude
TMIMITW says 'Nut Up or Shut Up, Bubes'

For the uninitiated, TMIMITW is an acronym for The Most Interesting Man In The World, a title that has been held since it's inception by the Dos Equis Dude, (whom we shall call Derrick). Until now, no-one has dared to challenge his position, but Michael thinks he has what it takes. Bubes certainly has an age advantage, and he is obviously able to attract better looking women, but Derrick has experience on his side.

What makes Derrick so interesting?
According to the advertising that follows him around;
  • He is the life of parties he never attended.
  • He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
  • He's won trophies for his game face alone.
  • His words carry weight that would break a less interesting man's jaw.
  • If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the irresistible urge to thank him.
  • His mother has a tattoo that reads 'son'.
  • At museums he is allowed to touch the art.
  • Sharks have a week dedicated to him.
  • He can speak French, in Russian.
  • He bowls overhand.
And popular culture suggests that he is also the father of Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris and his father, TMIMITW
'I taught him everything he knows....'
In light of this impressive resume, why does Michael Bublé think he can challenge Derrick for the title of The Most Interesting Man In The World?
  • He has dual nationality because one nation is not enough for him.
  • He was Bruce Lee's stunt double in 'Enter the Dragon'.
  • On Thursday's he is Thor and borrows the costume on weekends, for fun.
  • He dreamed he was in the movie 'Inception' and when he woke up he WAS in 'Inception'.
  • He declared war on Hitler, without stammering.
  • He was once mistaken for Frank Sinatra, by Frank's own children.
  • He can speak French and Italian with a Canadian accent.
  • He doesn't bowl, not since scoring 350 in a single game.
  • When he goes fishing, the fish jump into his boat just to be near him.
Those are the facts, and here are the final statements on behalf of each candidate for why they should be TMIMITW.

First up is Derrick, the Dos Equis Dude and currently most interesting.
I don't usually drink beer...
'I don't usually drink beer, but when I do I go home with an ugly chick'
And now, the challenger, Michael 'Bubes' Bublé.
Bubes hitting on 4 women at a time
'I don't usually drink beer, but Hey are you all sisters?'


Static said...

Quite honestly, why am I not on this list?

I believe I have what it takes to own the title "TMIMITW". Here are a few short reasons why:

I use a loofah.

I can play the Miami Vice Theme on the keytar.

My jokes are so dope I make clowns cry.

I only have sex with 80-year old hookers with syphilis and I'm immune to syphilis.

Any questions?

Brad - My Twist News said...

Absolutely no questions, Static. You do indeed sound rather interesting. You should put your dollar on the pool table and you can play the winner.
May I suggest some kind of facial hair, either a neatly groomed beard or a manly stubble, as that seems to be the trend.

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