Monday, June 20, 2011

Are you too ugly to be online dating?

A dating website which deals exclusively with aesthetically pleasing clients has kicked out 30,000 members because they have since been deemed too ugly to be on the site. It is reported that they were only permitted to join thanks to a virus in the system and not because they were physically attractive.
You may not be able to join, but you can at least see what you're missing

The virus known as "Shrek" was apparently planted by a disgruntled ex-employee who wanted to exact some kind of revenge on The Danish site was launched in 2001 and has since added over 5 million attractive people (even without the 30k uglies), each one of them looking for a love hookup.

Fiona and Shrek - 50% success rate on
This won't happen on
Their global network covers many countries and is available in 12 languages, including a braille translator option, although I am not sure why a blind person would date exclusively by looks.

Even blind people appreciate beauty
Unfortunately, accurate Braille reading requires both hands
As news of the virus became apparent, the owners of were forced to remove the non-conforming members which they did via carefully worded email.
Dear Ugly,
when you joined we were unaware of a virus which was attacking our system and letting anyone in. Even when existing members rated you as ugly, our computers did not acknowledge it and as a result your account was not terminated.

We apologise for this oversight and have attached a link to another dating site which we think will suit your style a little better. 
Unfortunately we cannot refund the $25 fee which you were charged for joining, since we need to purge our servers to erase all traces of your image on our site.
Greg Hodge
We have been unable to track down anyone who was among to 30,000 not beautiful enough people for comment, so if you are one of them or know someone who was rejected please let us know. And include a photo so we can judge for ourselves whether or not you are beautiful on the outside.

And just so you don't all feel bad, this guy is rich and famous and he wasn't allowed to join either.

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Maybe these people can sign up at Ugly Models website...

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