Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What has Anthony Wiener started?

Slap the Penguin has never jumped on the sensationalism bandwagon, preferring instead to report the serious news stories. We declined to lower ourselves and add to the Schwarzenegativity surrounding Arnie's infidelity and separation and we were not planning on getting any cheap hits from Anthony Wiener and his Twitter pictures.
This is wrong on so many levels
1) Not Wiener's actual picture.
2) I am confused. I thought 'boyshorts' were for women.

However, it looks like Mr Wiener's indiscretion may have started (or just uncovered) an ugly trend amongst US Senators. We have unconfirmed information that no fewer than 6 other House members have twittered pictures of their house members. Imagine what the headlines COULD be...
  • Hank Johnson sends Johnson pics
  • Jo Bonner tweets pics of his Bonner
Not to mention other Representatives such as Leonard Lance, Norman D. Dicks, John Dingell (think ding-a-ling), Timothy Bishop and John Boehner (pronounced boner, as in the phrase "I have a pronounced boner")

While researching this story, we discovered a page on Rep. Jim Costa's site referring to a ruling from Judge Oliver Wanger (I wonder if he has Twitter) and the title read:

click it if you want the proof
This is not a picture of Judge Oliver Wanger! Shame on you Google
I googled 'Wanger Pic' and they sent me this...???

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Anonymous said...

I admire your editorial stance against sensationalism.

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