Sunday, May 22, 2011

Russell Bland deported from Japan

British idiot comedian, Russell Brand was refused entry to Japan and will miss out on seeing his wife Katy Perry play 3 concerts there.

Russell Brand or Helena Bonham-Carter?
Russel Brand needs to shave to pull off
the Helena Bonham-Carter look

Japanese customs officials are unable to cofirm or deny the story for security reasons, but general opinion is that he was denied access because of prior convictions for drug and alcohol abuse.

We think it was because the Japanese don't want a 7 foot scarecrow looming around Tokyo in just his underpants talking gibberish in a cockney accent.

Russell Brand terrorising urban Japan
Did someone say 7ft scarecrow in Tokyo?
For our more eagle eyed readers, NO, the title is not a typo. The Japanese version of his name is ironically accurate.


Rico Swaff said...

That is hilarious what you wrote about the Japanese version of his name being ironically accurate.

A 7 foot, Russell Bland-looking scarecrow would scare the $hit out of me if I were Japanese.

Anonymous said...

It scares the crap out of me and I'm NOT Japanese.

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