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What got slapped 12 months ago - November 2014

By +Tina Cruris

Another month passes and another reslap gets written. The idea behind a reslap is to remind our seasoned readers of how funny we used to be, and to give fresh faced fans an insight into how funny we used to be, by highlighting our top stories from 12 months ago.

When I get to write these posts next year i can pretty much take September and October off since we barely reported on anything for the last 2 months. However, in the meantime just scroll down the page and if a story catches your eye, simply click the headline and you will be whisked back in time to yesteryear to read the entire article. Or you can just click HERE to get the entire November 2014 archive.

November 2014 Reslap Montage
November 2014, back when we were funny
Usually I just pick the top 5 but the quality of post from November 2014 was so high that I chose the top 8 instead. Scroll down to the very bottom to see our top post from 5 years ago.

#8 Guest Post - Comparing Pinots
Morgan David is a very infrequent guest poster and self proclaimed wine expert. This time he shared with us his comparison of differing pinots. in particular the major variances in size and mouthfeel between Noir and Blanc.

We took a look at a new app which allows you to log into a virtual confession chamber and confess your sins to a proxy priest, who will then absolve your sins.

Love him or hate him, SBC is still making movies, and this latest body of work is a joint project with his real life wife Isla Fisher, in which he reimagines the lovable 70's alien, Mork, through the character of Ali G.

Was it really a year ago that this story broke? Taylor Swift took all of her music away from those freeloaders on Spotify.

It's amazing that nobody cares about Ebola again, now that American lives are not in danger any more. Well none on American soil. There are still Americans working in Africa with Ebola victims, but since the homeland is safe then it is a forgotten disease once more.

Well no wonder nobody is going to Disneyland Paris, I thought it was because the French were rude and arrogant, but it's actually because the would be patrons are scared of being eaten alive by a non indigenous wild animal.

As the Minecraft craze was growing, so were the number of subversive elements using it as a recruiting platform for hate and bigotry. Read more about 'The 3D Reich' and their Nazi naughtiness.

Everybody loved the Taco Bell chihuahua, even if they didn't like the food he was promoting, and because of his popularity, Taco Bell are bringing back another chihuahua, but this time with a slightly more forward personality.

That's the best of November 2014, but what was the best post from 5 years ago?

There were a lot of great posts from November '10, but the best one has to be our most visited post of all time. This story is single handedly responsible for almost 10% of the traffic to our site and has become an STP legend. Even 5 years on, this post is still top of the weekly and monthly charts for most visited page on STP.

Comedienne and actress Stephanie Courtney better known as the Progressive spokeswoman, Flo, appears on the cover of the December 2010 Playboy magazine.

That's all I have for you from yesteryear. What more could you want? If you are really not satisfied then go check out the archives.

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