Monday, November 9, 2015

Coca-Cola announce new Coke Platinum

By +Ian C

For many years people have used the popular soft drink, Coca-Cola, to mix with their alcoholic beverages. The phrase 'and coke' has punctuated many drink selections such as Jack, Captain, Bacardi, Kahlua and even Jagermeister, but many liquor snobs purists have said, "My whisky/rum/vodka is too good to mix with coke". Well Coca-Cola have listened and have come up with new Coke Platinum.

Coke Platinum Dark and Light
Coke Platinum is available in Light and Dark

Coke Platinum is an  ultra premium mixing cola designed to complement the luxury alcohol brands that people have traditionally considered to be too good to mix. The dark looks like regular coke for mixing with top end rum and whisky and also a light  version which pours clear so as not to taint the clarity of the high end vodka and gin drinks.

The taste of Coke Platinum is less sweet and more delicate than it's original version, making it more mixable with what are considered to be better quality liquors. While Captain Morgan, for example, is a ruggedly sweet and spiced rum which mixes well with original Coke, the more refined character of a quality rum would be negated by the addition of Coca-Cola. The subtle flavors of Coke Platinum Dark, however, complement the finesse of a fine Barbadian rum, giving those liquor snobs an extra dimension to their drinking.

Einstein's theory of mixology
Einstein's theory of mixology
Coca-Cola have described their new mixworthy product as being made 'from only the highest fructose corn syrup' and, 'with the most phosphoric acid available.' A spokesman representing the new Coke variant told us, "People like to enjoy the finer things, and those who have embraced the luxury liquor lifestyle have so far been trapped into taking their drinks neat, or compromising quality by using inferior mixing materials. Now there is a top shelf option for people to mix luxury cola cocktails without diluting the distinction of their drink."

This is not an alternative to drinking regular coke as an everyday beverage, Coke Platinum is designed exclusively as a mixer, and is a little tasteless when drunk by itself. But you will have to wait until April 2016 to find out for yourself, when it is officially released to the general public.

When you get to try it, leave your opinion in our comments section. Meanwhile, are you looking forward to drinking expensive alcohol mixed with something from the Coke family? Do you add Coke to Jack Daniels because you like the effect of whisky but don't like the taste? Is it wrong to mix any type of Coke with a shot from a $200 bottle of Scotch?

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