Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Amazon's 1-click hookers

By +Alexa Rankin

Amazon's Home Services officially launched this week, offering over 2.4 million 'contractors' across 700+ categories from plumbing to home theater installation to goat rental. We even found what appeared to be a page offering the world's oldest professional service.

Amazon offers prostitutes
Amazon Home Services offer almost everything

So far, Amazon Home Services are only fully operational in major metro areas like New York, L.A., and San Francisco, but a spokesman for Amazon told us that they expect the top 30 US cities to be catching up within 6 months.

"We are excited for Amazon Home Services and the opportunity to introduce professionals to a broader client base. With our existing payment and rating system, and our A-to-Z guarantee we can ensure that the services delivered meet with our customer's expectations."

While does not actively promote the hourly rental of persons for sexual gratification, they have rather suggestively modified some of their artwork in certain areas of their website.

Hidden messages in the logo...???
With this bold move, Amazon are looking to sneak customers away from Angie's List by offering a free, non-subscription list of professional service providers, which includes services in the state of Indiana; and from craigslist by not offering a list of murderers and rapists looking to sell you a used mattress or an imaginary friend for life or an 8ft long potato cannon.

What are your thoughts? Not just about Amazon, I want to know if any of our readers have any thoughts. Anything at all. Anything? Share below.

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