Sunday, April 19, 2015

UK election polls show strong interest in labour

By +Sue Casa

With just 19 days to go before the United Kingdom elect a Prime Minister to a new term, we look at what William and Kate will name their new baby.

2015 Election News
2015 Election News
Currently the polls show that it's a very close race, between the top two, with 51% of people saying it will be a girl and 48% voting for boy. The other 1% was either a result of a rounding error or somebody voted for twins or hamster or something stupid.

The other important poll going on in the UK this month  is slightly more important than the sex of the forthcoming Royal Baby. Many cross party statisticians agree that the current leader is Alice, followed by Charlotte and Elizabeth, in the betting on the name of Will and Kate's second baby.

My fellow penguin slapper, Tina, predicted the name of the Royal Baby would be Alice nearly 2 years ago just prior to Prince George being born [Story] and it looks like her prediction could finally come true.

Not that it really matters, but my US counterparts polled people in their homeland and the results came back strongly in favor of a princess rather than a prince. The results were presented in a state by state basis rather than number of voters format, which may have skewed the results, considering that many of states that voted for boy (blue on the map) have higher populations than most of the pink (girl) states.

America has voted
For what it's worth, America has voted
Boy or girl, I don't care, but I am hoping for a May 7th birth and a Labour victory, only because of the potential tabloid headlines twisted around the similarity of the words labour (the process of childbirth) and Labour (a left wing political party). Just note that my headline here was the first to point out this humourous homograph. Keep those knees together for another couple of weeks, Kate.

[Note to editor: Thanks in advance for not autocorrecting the letter 'U' out of my words.]

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