Friday, April 17, 2015

50 Shades of Grey- The Animated Series

By +Alexa Rankin

With the success of the E.L. James novels and the movie raking in over $250 million at the worldwide box office, the 50 shades franchise is definitely a money spinner. At least that's exactly what a small production company in Reno, NV are hoping for. Christasia Productions have signed an exclusive deal to produce 2 seasons of an animated show based on characters from the 50 Shades universe.

Fifty shades of animation
Coming soon to a cable channel near you
The series picks up where the 3rd book left off with Anastasia and Christian learning how to explore their naughty nature with a 2 year old child. [Ooops! Spoiler Alert!]. "The great thing about making it animated rather than live action is that the characters are more lifelike than the ones in the movie, and you can get away with more, visually." said Christasia executive, Alan Beads. "You can take more liberties with the erotic positions and character performance, and finally get some meaningful expressions on Anastasia's face."

The world of animated bondage seems to be pretty full already with Hentai, Manga and Anime dominating the porniverse, so is there space for a FSOG cartoon?

Hands Tied for Hentai
Hands Tied for Hentai
"Absolutely. Just as there was a space in the novel world and the live action movie world, we have a niche in the animation world. It all comes down to the audience you are looking to capture. We are seeking to capture the same audience as the books and the movie did and with equal success. There is a gaping hole waiting to be filled."

And I am sure Mr Grey will fill that hole. The animated FSOG will be hitting TV screens later this year, probably on Lifetime although FX have expressed a strong interest in the show, even before the voice actors have been cast. Jamie Dornan has given a definite NO to playing the animated Christian Grey, and Dakota Johnson is waiting to see if she is offered other roles before committing. Seth MacFarlane, who is no stranger to voice acting, could have had the role if he didn't keep slipping into Stewie during the sex scenes.

Stewie Griffin - Nice Rack
"Nice Rack, Anastasia"
Who would you like to hear as the voices of Christian and Anastasia in the Fifty Shades of Grey animated series? Share you opinions below.

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