Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apple bans fart apps from new watch

By +Brad Naylor

Tech giant and fan boy magnet Apple Inc. have surreptitiously banned all fart apps for their new apple watch according to some app developers. For those without imagination, the concept of a fart app is to hide the iPhone close to somebody else and while standing an inconspicuously safe distance away, press a button on the Apple Watch to trigger a fart sound from the iPhone, thus making it appear that the target 'let one rip'.

Apple has banned all fart apps for their watch
"Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!" How else would you write a fart sound?
Apple spokespersons were totally unavailable for comment on their decision to disallow this kind of app, leaving us to guess why they made this choice. Feel free to add your own theory in the comments section.

  • It's totally gross and unfunny
  • It's beneath us to permit this kind of childish fun
  • We have our own $300 propitiatory remote fart device (iFlat) in the works
  • How would you feel to be on the receiving end of this puerile humor?
  • We are Apple, we can do whatever we want
  • The Apple Watch is not a toy
Fart apps are available for android based smart watches and have been causing great amusement for everyone, not just the young and childish. Even political figures and business men find remote controlled fart sounds amusing.

Michael Heseltine embarrassed on TV by a smart watch fart app
Michael Heseltine embarrassed by a smart watch fart app
Personally, I think Apple have a point about banning fart apps from their watch. The cost of buying an iPhone 6 and an apple watch costs at least $700 depending on phone service provider. That is a fairly lofty investment if all you want to do is make fart sounds in the boss's office, when you can get one of these for a fraction of that price:

Cheaper than the Apple Watch [BUY]
Your turn. Would you buy an Apple Watch if it had a fart app? How do you write a fart sound in words? Are farts funny? What is the real reason for Apple banning fart apps? Do farts smell so that deaf people feel included? The comments section is your chance to share your opinions.

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