Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apple introduce racially diverse iOS 8.3

By +Brad Naylor

This is probably old news to fanboys and iPhowners, but the new Apple mobile operating system iOS 8.3 is available for download and it has some new features and improvements, including over 70 bug fixes which have plagued iPhone 6 owners since iOS 8 was released.

iPhone 6 + iOS 8 = bugs
iPhone 6 + iOS 8 = bugs
The biggest change that will affect most users comes as a result of user pressure and that is the inclusion of racially diverse emoji (or is it emojis or even emojii?). For previous iterations the only faces available were the familiar yellow smileys and caucasian cartoon faces, but now a whole spectrum of races are available from white through to black and many shades in between. Although it would seem that they are still prejudiced against redheads.

Racially Diverse Emoji
Still no Irish Emoji (or is it O'Moji?)
The other big update in the racial diversity program at Apple is the new voice for Siri. You can now download an alternate Siri, called Suri which I am told is pronounced like curry but with an 's' sound. Suri speaks with a male Indian accent. Now you can interact with your iPhone and make it sound like an outsourced help desk. You can also download the New Zealand Siri called Kiri, but there are still some bugs, because of the New Zealand accent it recognizes the number 'six' as the word 'sex'.

The other complaint that many people had was the annoying Apple Watch icon, which essentially served as an advertisement icon. While you can still not remove the icon, you can now hide it, so that you don't accidentally pre-order an Apple Watch and have it automatically charge your credit card through Apple Pay. The 8.3 update has addressed some of the bugs that were discovered during beta testing the watch and the iPhone 6.

On the topic of the Apple Watch (full review coming soon, no doubt) be wary of people offering cheap versions of the Apple Watch. If you are not paying in the region of $600 then you are probably getting a fake one. A person I know ordered one from an email ad and he was sent this.

An Apple Watch, just not THE Apple Watch
An Apple Watch, just not THE Apple Watch
Have you downloaded and upgraded to iOS 8.3 yet? What are your thoughts about it? How does it feel to be able to send a Black Santa Emoji to your friends? As usual, share below in the comments section.

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