Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Is Beck Hansen Michael Cera's Dad?

By +Ian C

Have you noticed the similarity between Michael Cera and Beck Hansen? You know, Beck Hansen... Loser, New Pollution, E-Pro and Devil's Haircut. Maybe the last name threw you, he is more commonly known as just Beck.

Just Beck - Devil's Haircut

The likeness is uncanny. Just check out some of these images, which were Photostudio X6'ed (since Adobe screwed their casual Photoshop clients with a monthly subscription)

Beck and Michael Cera - Family Relationship?
White shirt and a tie... coincidence?
I know that image is not totally 100% convincing, but take a look at this one. There can be absolutely no doubt that there is some kind of paternal relationship here.

Michael Cera and Beck - too similar for comfort
Smearing a Romanian flag on Cera proves the family connection
Considering the 18 year age difference, is Beck Hansen Michel Cera's Dad? Share your view using the poll or the comments area.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Thos photos prove - as I always maintained - that they don't look alike at all.

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