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What got slapped 12 months ago - December 2011

For regular fans of this segment, you may notice a small change in the format. For first time visitors you will probably be blissfully unaware of how things used to work. TTLY has changed to a monthly format, so instead of posting a review of the previous year every week, I will be sifting through an entire month of posts and highlighting the top stories from that period, which will be published on the first Sunday of each month, which just happens to be today. Sit down, strap yourself in and lets take a trip back to December 2011.

December 2011 reslap montage
December 2011 reslap montage
December 4th 2011 - Alexa was doing her weekly roundup of the headlines that caught her eye, which included a thief with a conscience, returning money he stole from Sears decades previously and a warming story about a British crematorium renting out it's oven to make some extra money.

December 7th 2011 - In the wake of the Penn State abuse scandal, we touched upon what is appropriate and inappropriate contact in the sports arena with a post about Butt Patting.

December 13th 2011 - Brad was struggling to maintain his inner Beavis and Butthead while watching late night TV. He came across a totally innocent advertisement for a hardwood treatment called Bona Polish. This moved him so much that he was compelled to write about it.

December 15th 2011 - Remember Menaj Attwar? He wrote about that great movie from way back, Weird Science, asking the rhetorical question, "Where are they now?". If you want to know, then click the link.

December 18th 2011 - Alexa was doing it again, pointing out those headlines which may have slipped below your radar. One such tale was that of Whoopi Goldberg farting on live TV. Quality journalism indeed.

December 19th 2011 - The sad loss of one of the world's greatest dictators was a major headline for the entire month of December. RIP Kim Jong-Il.

Things went quiet after that as the festive season descended, not entirely unexpectedly, upon the STP virtual office, however, we did manage to squeeze out a Christmas Card (yes I said Christmas) on Christmas Day (there I said it again).

December 30th 2011 - To celebrate the end of the year we held a retrospective of 2011's most popular posts and a poll to vote for your favorite. The poll will be closing at the end of 2012 so be sure to register your vote.

That covers the highlights of December 2011. It was kind of a quiet month for us, thanks to illness, work commitments, vacation and laziness. I trust you had as much fun reliving the past as I did. Let's all meet up on the first Sunday of January 2013 and do it all again.


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