Sunday, February 5, 2012

What got slapped 12 months ago - 2/06/11

Happy Sunday everyone. It's time to turn the clocks back 12 months and look at what was being slapped this time last year. To view the archive yourself, click here, or to get the guided tour just keep reading.
Ian C was reviewing the latest and greatest piece of Nintendo Wii hardware called uDraw. A kid friendly graphics tablet with very little software support, even after being on the market for over 1 year. It is now available on PS3 and Xbox so it must be popular.

Jack was ranting about Hollywood outsourcing it's acting jobs to the UK and how these Brits cannot do an American accent, while Brad was suggesting that history isn't what it used to be, and should be re-written.

I was offering some advice to a woman who upgraded her phone beyond her abilities. She was complaining that her smartphone was making her feel dumb.

The most memorable post of the week was Brad's picture driven informational story about OSHA and how not to follow safety rules.


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