Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whoopi Goldberg was born a man

Whoopi Goldberg has been a household name since 1985 when she wowed the movie community as Celie Johnson in The Color Purple. According to a document which has recently come to light, the character should have been 'SeeMy Johnson'.

Whoopi Goldberg - shocked at the leaked document

The document in question is a copy of a birth certificate which clearly indicates 'Male' as the birth sex of a 'Whoopi Goldberg' born on November 13th, 1955. Considering the limited possibilty of a second person named Whoopi born on the same day, then we can be almost totaly assured that this must be THE Whoopi Goldberg.

A Birth Certificate for Whoopi Goldberg (Male)
Whoopi has been keeping the couch cushions warm on The View since 2005, and even with daily exposure on ABC, a mainstream TV station, nobody suspected that SHE might be a HE. Although in retrospect, Whoopi's behavior, particularly on The View, has seemed somewhat masculine.

The copy of the birth certificate was accompanied by a photograph showing Whoopi Goldberg sporting what appears to be a very convincing mustache, one that even Tom Selleck would be proud of.

Whoopi showing off 'her' mustache
We contacted The View for a comment regarding this news, and how it may affect Whoopi's position at the head of the famous drop-leaf table and we are still awaiting a response. We will update this post when we have any further news.



randykw said...

Wouldn't surprise me one bit!

Anonymous said...

I knew it!

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