Monday, February 13, 2012

Short Break

We know that the news never stops, but considering that we at Slap the Penguin have real families and real jobs outside of this satirical news blog, we are announcing a brief break from publishing.

From time to time these breaks are needed to recharge the batteries and reassess the priorities of the site. We are planning to recommence publishing at the beginning of March, 2012.

On a more tastless note...

Whitney WHOston?
It is sad to hear when someone dies, especially someone who died before their time. BUT, she hasn't done anything significant in the last 20 years (except hard drugs) so why should she dominate the Grammys? I heard that she was trying to relaunch her movie career... what movie career? One lousy movie with Kevin Costner does not make a career.
While Slap the Penuin is sympathetic to those who mourn the loss, she was not currently important enough to dominate the media like she is doing, posthumously.
Whitney Houston, Rest In Peace.

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