Sunday, February 26, 2012

We're Back

Did anybody miss us?

I'll be back - with a bad cliche
Oh My God! Enough with the clichés
We have made a few changes behind the scenes which you may or may not notice. Probably the most impactful change is the departure of Menaj Attwar. Good luck in future ventures, Menaj. We will miss your movie reviews, even if they weren't that funny.

The Monday Punday featurette is going away because it just wasn't funny (sorry Brad), however, we will be relaunching our monthly caption contest, hopefully with some prizes (anyone looking for sponsorship opportunities, please contact

We are going to incorporate more polls into our pages for you to share your opinions.

And we will be agressively promoting our "Dear Tina" feature, so email Tina with your problems about absolutely anything. You are not restricted to embarrassing relationship issues, she will give advice on any topic.

Apart from that, it will be business as usual. Thanks for reading.


1 comment :

Anonymous said...

To the person who voted NO in the poll. You just did do an online poll so you can't answer NO.

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