Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brad Pitt - from Buff to Scruff to Drug Dealer

El Brad Pitt was arrested in Mexico on June 16th 2011 and charged with being a drug dealer. Now that I have your attention, I should maybe avoid a lawsuit and explain that it is not the actor Brad Pitt who is a drug dealer, but Marco Antonio Guzman Zuniga who got the nickname El Brad Pitt because of his likeness to the extremely sexy movie star.

Marco Guzman disguised as Inglorious Basterd, Brad Pitt
MAGZ disguised as Inglorious Basterd, Brad Pitt.
A remarkable likeness especially around the mouth.
You didn't really believe that Brad Pitt would be a drug dealer did you? I can't imagine a single reason why he would become an international drug dealer when he has Angelina and 19 children waiting for him at home.

It looks like a hectic homelife is taking it's toll on Brad as his image has moved from Buff to Scruff as personal grooming time is reduced by a constant influx of Asian children.

Brad Pitt through the ages
From Buff to Scruff to Drug Dealer
Even as William Bradley Pitt approaches 50, he remains one of the hottest men on the planet (except in that scruffy goatee picture, he looks like The Edge's grandfather). I am so glad he goes by his middle name, Brad and not William or Bill. William Pitt was the name of a couple of 18th century British Prime Ministers. And even worse TMZ would have portmanteau'ed the name Wangelina instead of Brangelina.

Getting back to the point, can you see the likeness between the real Brad Pitt and El Brad Pitt? Is there a different celebrity that has a closer resemblance to Marco Zuniga? Let us know via the comments section. We really do value your thoughts and opinions.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it was an ironic nickname. Like calling an elephant "Tiny," or the Governator "Mr. Celibate."

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