Sunday, December 6, 2015

What got slapped 12 months ago - December 2014

By +Tina Cruris

Wow, it's December already and I have to write the last monthly reslap of the year. For those of you who are new to STP, this post is a chance for us all to see what we were writing about this time last year. Read on as I reveal the top 5 posts from 12 months ago.

The  idea is simple, just scroll past the great montage image and read the teasers. When you find a story that interests you, click the headline and you will be automagically whisked back in time to that post. Alternately, you can take the unguided tour through the archive by clicking HERE.

December 2014 Reslap Montage
We were so much funnier 12 months ago

Here are the top 5 posts from December 2014, and if you behave there may be a bonus at the end.

#5 Merry Christmas 2014
Not really much to say about this one, Brad made the official STP Christmas Card and I think he may have found some corporate sponsorship for it.

#4 DNA evidence suggests a hiccup for the royals
Our UK correspondent, Sue, gave us a great post telling us that the Queen shouldn't be the Queen, since her ancestors cheated their way to the throne. Find out who is the true heir to the British throne.

Alexa reported on a typographical error which created a giant surge in men wanting to take part in finding a cure for breast cancer.

Looks like Sue was on a roll with 2 posts in the top 5. She told us about one of the latest trends happening in the UK. After planking had gone away, Swifting became the next big thing.

Well do you? Read the story for some clues and to find out exactly who Douglas Barr was, and more importantly, who he is now.

Those are the highlights from December 2015, and for those of you who have been good, read on for the bonus post. The hottest story from STP from 5 years ago, when we were even funnier.
The US Department of the Treasury were showing of their new forgery-proof hundred dollar bill. Even the DOT couldn't print them so there is no way the counterfeiters will be able to fake them.

That's all the reslapping you get for this year. Join us early in 2016 to enjoy the highlights of this year.

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