Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hard Root Beer offers limited Star Wars packages

By +Tina Cruris

With the release of the latest Star Wars movie just around the corner, many businesses are looking for that lucrative tie in to boost sales during the holiday season, and maybe even make their annual sales figures. One of those companies is Small Town Brewery, makers of the popular Not Your Father's Root Beer.

I am your father root beer
I'm Your Father Root Beer - available now
Not Your Father's Root Beer hit the ground running this year with record breaking sales in the new beer category, alcoholic root beer. Since it's release, NYFRB has seen competition from a number of different brands, but remains the number one seller by a continually shrinking margin.

By buying the license to use some of the characters from the original Star Wars movie, Small Town Brewery plan to expand their sales to a wider audience, including the 40 something nerds fans of the first wave of movies.

The limited run of the Hard Root Beer is a play on words of the brand called I'm Your Father Root Beer. Disney would not allow the use of the phrase "I am your Father" hence the grammatical contraction to get around the keen gaze of the copyright lawyers.

Other liquor brands have tried to cash in on the new Star Wars movie but nobody else has yet been given permission to use Star Wars related names. Brands that have tried include Midori (Midorichlorians), Pitou (R2-Pitou), Skyy Vodka (SkyyWalker Vodka), Beefeater Gin (Qui Gon Gin). My own personal favorite, even though nobody has tried to use it is Obi-Wine Kenobi.

Have you tried Hard Root Beer yet? Will you try it now? What's your favorite Star Wars Alcohol name? Share your thoughts, opinions or abuse in the comments section below.

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