Friday, December 11, 2015

Half a million pageviews for Slap the Penguin

By +Ian C

Thanks to each and every one of you who has visited our pages since July 2010. If only we charged a dollar for each visit, we would have enough money to hire a proper graphic designer who could get the images on our posts correct.

Half a minion? Should be half a million
Where can we get a good graphic designer that we can afford?
I am not planning on tooting our own horn at this milestone since there is another one just around the corner where we will be doing that. This is the post where we ask that if you are the 500,000th visitor then please email a screen capture of the visitor counter (found at the bottom of our right hand sidebar) to and once we have verified it's authenticity, we will send you a fun prize. Who knows, it might even be the other half of the minion in the picture above.

It's amazing how quickly we have added another 100,000 pageviews to our total since March 2015 when we celebrated our 400k milestone, especially since quality and quantity of posts have both dropped in the second part of this year.

Some interesting facts about our 500,000 pageviews are:
  • 29% of all time pageviews came via Internet Explorer while 28% were from Chrome users
  • Internet Explorer is currently the 3rd place browser with only 15%. Chrome leads with 53%
  • Almost 2/3 of all pageviews were from the US
  • It is tough to believe that in almost 900 posts spanning 5 1/2 years, especially considering recent events, we have only mentioned Donald Trump twice, Trump 1/Trump 2
Thanks again for Slapping the Penguin with us, even if you are a spambot, or some other automated web crawler, or maybe you are a bored horny teen looking for pictures of Taylor Swift's breasts or Progressive Flo's Playboy pictures. You could possibly have gotten lost while looking for an online game called 'smack the penguin', or you just needed confirmation that Bono's ego is the size of a small African nation. Either way, you are all part of our history.

Feel free to share your comments, thoughts or even abuse in the section below. We love that you take the time to leave something for us.


Big D said...

Congratulations on hitting the 500 K mark. I swing by every now and again and your site is always worth a read.

Ian C - said...

Thanks Big D, you and your comments are always welcome.

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