Thursday, December 17, 2015

900 posts with no end in sight

By +Ian C

Every 100 posts, we pat ourselves on the back and share some of our best recieved stories since the last milestone. This is the 900th post since we started waaaaay back in the 1800's with the birth of the internet which was created as a joint effort between AOL, Western Union and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Sadly, just before her death in 1896 Stowe sold her 33.3% stake in the internet to Richard T. Google.

Tony Hawk is like Shaun White on Wheels
Thanks Tony
I wonder how many of you have read all 900 of our posts so far. More realistically, I wonder how many of you got to 5 posts before getting bored or distracted by a facebook notification. It actually makes fun reading to start at the very beginning and follow through how the site developed and then see if you can pick when it got stale and rolled back downhill again.

I went through the last 100 posts to find our most visited pages, so that you don't have to filter through the crap to find the occasional laugh. Here is a handful of our most popular pages from 800-900.

Actually, never mind. Nobody ever reads these. And besides, I can't compete with the new Star Wars movie coming out this week. Even if I change the Penguin to a droid and change his name to STP-0. We have never been the kind of satirical news website to jump on the bandwagon anyway, so you won't see us selling out like that.
I am fluent in only one language - satire
If you really do care about the highlights of our last 100 posts then leave a comment and if enough people express an interest then I will include them here.

Now go watch your filthy Disney cash grabbing monstrosity of a movie.

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