Saturday, May 2, 2015

Royal Baby News trumps everything else

By +Sue Casa

The news of the Royal Birth today is going to trump all other news in the UK for the next 48 hours, just as it has superseded all other cutting news stories on Slap the Penguin. But please don't be sad because in the words (almost) of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 'into every reign a little life must fall.' And it happened on my weekend off, so I can't escape the news by hiding in the stock room at work.

Royal Baby Announcement
"I was supposed to be getting married today, then I got called in to do this.
Wanna hear the wedding vows I wrote?"
At the time of writing, the new 8lb 3oz princess remains unnamed since her birth at 8:34 am (BST), but as with all things Royal, things must me done in accordance with etiquette. We can't have the midwife tweeting out the name before it is formally announced at Buckingham Palace.

As the headline mentioned, the Royal Birth trumps everything else which is particularly unfortunate for Monika Tano, from Birmingham [UK], who yet again has had to defer her spotlight moment to the royals. Her first daughter Liliana was born on the same day as Prince George, and now the birth of her second child, Aurelia has been overshadowed by George's baby sister. "I'm not having any more children," she told us,"because I don't want them ruining another special day for me."

The Rock says "Happy Birthday to The Rock"
Today is The Rock's birthday
Princess [insert name here] shares a birthday with numerous sports stars and celebrities including soccer star David Beckham, beefcake actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, fashion designer Donnatella Versace and the famous Baron and pilot, Manfred von Richthofen. She also shares her birthday with the anniversary of the maiden voyage of the British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 and the death of Osama Bin Laden.

If the Cambridges do decide to name her Alice, as predicted by my co-writer Tina, over 2 years ago [proof], then it would cost the British bookies nearly a million pounds to pay out all the bets, however, Charlotte has seen a strong and steady stream of betting and is now the new favorite, since the sex of the baby is now known.

Do you know anyone who shares a birthday with the new princess? Are you glad that the waiting is over? Will they go for baby number 3? Share below with your thoughts and feelings about the royal birth.

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