Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Johnson vs Jordan – Who was better?

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The argument has raged since the two first went head to head on December 2nd 1984, and in the 18 total meetings of the two basketball behemoths, Jordan has come out on top 11 times, winning 7 regular season and 4 playoff games. Actually Jordan didn't win them, since there is no I in Team, the team he played for did. So to rephrase my original statement, during the Johnson vs Jordan era, the Chicago Bulls beat the LA Lakers 11 out of 18 times.

Who cares what the statisticians say, everybody who was watching basketball during that time period knows that Johnson was a much better player than Jordan. That's why he was called 'Magic' Johnson, but where did the name 'Magic' come from?

A source tells us that the nickname came from when he played high-school basketball for the Hogwarts Hawks. "All the white kids wanted to play Quidditch", our source told us. "but Earvin was set on being a baller. By the time he was 15 he stood over 6 1/2 feet tall, and he towered over Professor Flitwick."

The NBA allowed Johnson to play on the understanding that he did not use any of his wizarding skills on the court, including but not limited to the '3 point charm' and the 'Slamdunkus spell'. There are rumors that during the 1992 Olympics, Johnson, who was not under NBA restrictions, used a variety of magic incantations to provide an unbeaten run and a gold medal for the Dream Team.

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