Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Egon, but not forgotten

By +Ian C

Yesterday saw the passing of the movie legend Harold Ramis. Harold was not only an actor, but a writer, director and producer of some of the most influential comedy movies of our time. His most iconic acting role was that of ghostbusting nerd Egon Spengler, but the first time I saw him was as Bill Murray's straight man, Russel Ziskey in Stripes.

Harold Ramis as Russel Ziskey
Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in Stripes (1981)
Everything you want to know about Harold Ramis can be found all over the internet especially now in the wake of his early demise, so I am not going to regurgitate all of that stuff.

But just to make sure you are all paying attention to those other stories we have a quick Harold Ramis quiz.

Make sure you tell us your score below in the comments section. Just remember, we will know if you are lying...

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