Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Caption Contest

A new month means a new caption contest which also means we have to announce the winner of the January contest, but more about that later.

For those of you who are new to captioning, the idea is simple; take a look at the image below and come up with a witty caption which enhances the image in a humorous way. Then alert us to what your caption is by entering it in the COMMENTS SECTION below, adding it to our FACEBOOK PAGE or via EMAIL.

Here is this months image that we want you to caption:

Slap the Penguin Caption Contest
This is the caption of your ship...
I can hear the gears of your mind whirring already. Once they produce a caption just send it to us and wait for us to announce your name and winning caption. On the topic of winning caption, keep reading to find out who won last month's contest.

Last Month's Winner
They were Kung Fu Fighting....
Well done to Debbie Lang, who sent her entry through Facebook. To see all the entries from last month click HERE and scroll down to the comments section.


Randy K. Walker said...

And all of a sudden, I got really thirsty.

Jean Poole said...

He's looking at my boobs again, isn't he...

Agit8r said...

Got Milk?

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