Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bubes Says - I am going to see that play even if it kills me

Hey ladies, I am back. I know you have all missed me since my last post on New Year's Day. I cannot tell a lie, I have been incredibly busy being a rich and famous singer, you know what it's like, or maybe you don't. Anyway, enough about me (for now). Today is a huge day in American history as we celebrate the birthday of one of this great nation's most recognizable sons and greatest Presidents, Bubraham Lincoln.

Bubes Says - I am going to see that play even if it kills me
Foursquare and seven years ago...
If Lincoln had not been shot in 1865, he would be 205 years old today, providing he had also managed to avoid all other possible terminory events including old age and accidental lawn equipment beard entrapment.

Lincoln is one of four US Presidents to be assassinated, the others being McKinley, Kennedy and Garfield who incidentally was rather relieved to be shot on a Sunday and was spared from another horrific Monday. 

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