Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bruno Mars' real parents revealed

By +Alexa Rankin

He was the hit of Superbowl XLVIII (48) as he wowed the crowd during the halftime show last Sunday. Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were better than the players and the commercials combined on an otherwise lackluster Sunday.

Bruno Mars is undoubtedly a most talented individual and after we reveal who his secret parents are then you will agree that it is hardly surprising. There is genetic material floating around in his body from two of music's biggest names. STP can exclusively reveal that Bruno Mars parents are Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley daughter of King of Rock And Roll, Elvis Presley.

Bruno Mars' real parents
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley with son, Bruno Mars
28 years ago, Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson had a brief affair resulting in a baby boy. Since she was just 17 and Michael was an international megastar, the birth was hushed up and the baby was given up for adoption. Even 10 years later when Michael and Lisa entered into a doomed marriage, neither of them acknowledged the child.

Now Bruno Mars is making musical headlines like his Dad and Grandfather before him. The resemblance to both of them is stunning and Bruno has taken inspiration from both of his musical idol ancestors. If either Michael or Elvis could see him now then they would be incredibly proud of his musical career to date, with so much more to come.

So far, Bruno has not demonstrated any genetic influence from his mom, Lisa Marie, who has charted only once in her 10 year music career. It seems that unlike erectile dysfunction, talent can skip a generation.

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Anonymous said...

i actually believe this exept i think its after
michael and lisa got married they had a child but after giving birth the
doctor wanted a child for himself so the doctor took the baby and told
michael and lisa that some one kidnapped the baby and after that michael and lisa kept planning to have a child not knowing that the doctor naming the baby
bruno he never revealed to his knew kid who his real parents were
and then when bruno mars was a kid he went to a concert
seeing his real father perform billie jean
so thats how the star named bruno mars was born

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