Monday, February 13, 2017

Kanye kept on a leash for the 2017 Grammys

By +Ian C

Last night The Grammys were in town, and so were some of the planet's finest musical talents. A long list of celebrities were presenting and receiving awards, but the world's greatest celebrity musician was conspicuously absent. No I don't mean David Bowie, who had a good reason to not collect his 5 awards in person.

Kanye West, not at the 2017 Grammys
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At first, I though Kanye was being marshaled, as award after award went to people other than him and his friends, and then when he didn't run on to the stage do defend BeyBey as Adele won the coveted Album of the Year award, I knew something was up.

It turns out that Kanye was being 'kept busy' at the Kardashian ranch, preparing for the New York Fashion Show, and was unable to attend the show to collect his awards. Which is just as well because he lost in all 6 categories that he was nominated for.

Adele was gracious enough to acknowledge Beyoncé as a runner up, as she scooped the top award of the night. She also restarted her performance of Fastlove, a tribute to George Michael, after muffing her lines and F-Bombing on live TV.

Not to be outdone, James Hetfield of Metallica started singing into a dead microphone. Thankfully, Lady Gaga was on hand to share her microphone and the band played on without missing a beat (take note Mariah Carey).

Aside from these minor highlights, the evening progressed much as any other previous Grammy show with the exception of Tyler and Josh of 21 Pilots removing their pants before receiving their Best Pop Duo award.

Pilots 21 - Pants 0
Pilots 21 - Pants 0

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