Saturday, February 6, 2016

What got slapped 12 months ago - February 2015

By +Tina Cruris

I got to sleep in this year and skip the January reslap, so this February addition should be fresh, fun and lively. Read on to find out if that is actually the case. For those who are new to our monthly reslap, it is our chance to showcase the best of what we were doing 12 months ago.

For those who are familiar with "What got slapped" posts, you know that it is nothing more than an exercise in cross linking pages to increase page hits and improve our Google Search scores. Either way you get to see how Slap The Penguin has degraded over the last few years.

February 2015 Reslap Montage
How things have changed in 12 months
The top 5 posts from this time last year are listed below, with a special treat for those who make it that far, at the end.

Find out about the unfortunate demise of one of the icons of 80s electronics. Even in the 90s and 00s they continued to sell 80s electronics. Maybe they should have changed their name to Retroshack.

#4 Dear Tina - How can I dump Starbucks?
A reader was seeking advice on the best way to not blow her entire income on overpriced coffee and tips. Click above to discover what the internet's greatest advice queen told her.

#3 Six Flags responds to Disneyland Measles
About 12 months ago, people were flocking to Disneyland to contract measles, and their competitors were doing their best to keep up with them. This is Six Flags answer to the Meeska Mooska Measles.

#2 New York City unveils electric police cars
The whole world is turning green, even the NYPD. Take a peek at their latest earth friendly efforts, the battery powered police cruiser. When the suspects are caught they are then detained in a duraCELL.

Normally people think of England as a tea drinking nation, but KFC decided that the UK would be the ideal testing ground for their edible cup, a beverage container which is simply a shaped cookie which is given a waterproof lining.

Those were the top 5 posts from this time last year, and as promised here is your treat, our top post from 5 years ago.

Many Public Service Announcements are based on basic common sense, but we have a human duty to protect the terminally stupid from stupidly terminating themselves. This is a picture based post outlining some simple health and safety tips.

That's it. The highlights of February from years gone by. I will be back with another reslap on the first Sunday of next month.

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